Several DvT practisioners within Europe expressed to each other that it would be great if they could somehow play more often with each other and exchange DvT experiences between the countries. Now there is an opportunity.

Marjo Baars (Netherlands) was in Israel more than a year ago to practice with the Israeli’s. Since then she and Gideon Zehavi (Israel) have been thinking about a return visit. When Marjo and Gideon started to become more serious about it and checked the interest within their practise groups the idea developed to make it an European get together.

On the 13th and 14th of October it is going to happen; there will be an European DvT Experience in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It will be an opportunity to playfully meet each other (again), exchange, but also deepen the practice. During the weekend Gideon Zehavi and Smadar Ben Ami from Israel will be training the participants. 

Participants from Belgium, England, Israel and the Netherlands will be joining. Perhaps you are interested and want to participate as well? Of course it is not necessary to be from Europe! If you are interested and/or want more information please contact us at: Accreditation has been requested at the Dutch Register for the Arts therapies.