Fourth European Summerschool Developmental Transformations: 11-15 august 2018 PROMOTING PLAY, PLAYABILITY AND PLAYSPACE IN POLARIZED TIMES. With Gideon Zehavi (Israel), Eva Boorsma (Netherlands) and Mathieu Van der Straeten (Belgium). We are pleased to announce the Fourth European International School for Developmental Transformations (DvT) in Belgium: August 11-15, 2018. This Summerschool is for anyone with experience in DvT or dramatherapy. The week provides 35 training hours for those working towards qualification in DvT gives the opportunity to gain experience with the method for those who have been introduced to DVT offers Level 1 trainees the opportunity to deepen your experience by leading individual and group sessions. It provides Level 2 trainees the opportunity to expand your clinical capacities by providing individual therapy, receiving daily group supervision, and you could take opportunity and present before the summerschool community on their unique DvT perspectives and passions. What can you expect? daily individual DvT therapy sessions; individual and group practice; meditation; lecture; supervision ; reflection; a special trip to a; nearby town or beach; evening social activities. This year will additionally focus on supporting our and our clients’ playability in the playspace in spite of the ever-growing polarization and divisiveness in our lives and communities. How can we touch upon the unplayable? How can we play with it, play with the OTHER and reach greater levels of dimensionalization? These are some of the questions we will ponder, practice and explore. The schedule: Each day will begin at 9 am and end at 5 pm to allow participants the time to visit some of the beautiful Belgian cities nearby such as Bruges or Ghent. More information: